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TRIPOLI ACADEMIC TRAINING CENTER (TATC) is a Corporate Education, training center, originally founded to train tomorrow’s leaders, especially in Soft Skills, Microsoft Office Training, English Language Skills and lots more.

TRIPOLI ACADEMIC TRAINING CENTER (TATC) is a premier provider of corporate Education, Training and Knowledge-Based training programs. For some years, TATC has collaborated with clients to optimize individual, team, and organizational performance. Our focus is to provide relevant, actionable and practical solutions tailored advice, coaching and support programs equipped the most updates in related training to address the challenges specific to each client/target audience.




Maximize your investment with training that will produce results. TATC provides a network of expert trainers and high-quality programs, bringing the specialized curriculum to develop the skills of large or small business teams and individuals in Soft Skills, English Language Skills and Microsoft Office Training.

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TRIPOLI ACADEMIC TRAINING CENTER (TATC) has a rigorous and diagnostic approach to addressing client challenges and learning and development needs. Prior to offering a learning solution, TATC questions more deeply, probes more extensively, and listens more carefully. This proven capacity to effectively drill down to root causes of client capability gaps enables us to employ our broad portfolio of training programs and specialized services and tailor solutions that precisely fit our clients’ needs. TRIPOLI ACADEMIC TRAINING CENTER (TATC) learning solutions includes corporate training follow-up that ensures that new skills and knowledge are immediately put into practice.

Our members are professionals who help others achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace. They go by many titles: talent development managers, trainers, instructional designers, performance consultants, Frontline managers, workplace learning professionals, and a lot more.

At TRIPOLI ACADEMIC TRAINING CENTER (TATC), we are the leading provider of corporate Training, Knowledge-Based training, and workforce training programs.

TATC at Libya is a highly acclaimed corporate training tailored to a company’s specific learning objectives, goals, and budget; and delivers it whenever and wherever needed.



TATC is working to bridge the growing experience gap through hands-on training and mentoring programs. In keeping with TATC’s mission to be a key market player in the Libyan Knowledge Economy, we have identified a crucial need for a world class academic and corporate training center based locally in Tripoli. This has provided an appealing alternative to the current costly trend of expatriating the local workforce for training overseas.  TATC is making professional development courses accessible to many more industry employees.

We believe that education and continuous professional development are the backbone of any mature economy. They are the driving force that develops the infrastructure of societies on which reliable operations are built. Developing local skills will create a professional business environment that helps in diversifying the economy and in creating a competitive local job market.

TATC delivers a range of Human Capital learning and Development solutions locally in Libya, including:

  • Delivering customized training programmes and learning and development solutions in accordance with organizations requirements,
  • Tailored advice, coaching and support programmes equipped the most updates in related sciences.

TATC targets audience from:

  • Ministries and Government Departments
  • Municipalities
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Industries
  • Power & Telecommunications
  • SMEs and Service Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Banking and finance
  • Port and transport Authorities

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Our Mission

Libya is expected to undergo a complete transformation in the next decade and an entirely new political, economic and constitutional order is already emerging. Libya is obligated to utilize its rich fossil fuel resources in ways that would provide the optimum balance between revenue-generation and good practice. It also needs to develop solid managerial, technical and professional competencies across all industrial sectors. Libya must ensure that developing its energy portfolio is in line with national development and reconstruction priorities. The public and private sectors must collaborate to meet the challenges of Libya’s economic growth, and ultimately to improve the standard of living of its people.

In order for Libya to achieve sustainable economic growth it must adopt the highest international technological industry standards and practices. Laws and regulations governing the industry must be fair, clear and effective. The involvement of Libyan and foreign private sector players should be actively encouraged.

Competent local companies must be supported to form partnerships with overseas expert companies to encourage transfer-of-knowledge and know-how to local talent and workforce. Libya must also develop a strategic vision for the growth of downstream oil and gas industries including refineries, petrochemicals and other energy-intensive industries.

The challenges and opportunities for Libya in general, and for the energy sector in particular, are immense. Our Mission is to assist in the development of Libya’s energy, telecommunication, IT and construction industry through the education, training, skills development and the organization of industry conferences and Summits. TATC will do so in a professional, unbiased and effective manner. TATC seeks to become the principal partner delivering first class academic & corporate training to the privet and public sector in Libya.


We help Organisations Invest in Their People. We encourage corporates and public organizations to invest in their people and commit to continue the development and progression of their staff.

Our training strategy modules ensure that all training and development is focused on meeting corporate’s needs and raising the performance of individuals, teams and the company as a whole.

We are committed to keeping our staff trained in the latest coaching techniques and industry requirements and use technology to work smarter and more efficiently. We work with our clients on research and development projects and collaborate with our peers and leading technical experts to make certain that our programs are always in the forefront.

By continuing to strengthen our presence in local market by investing in a state of the art training facility, and leveraging the professional skills of our trainees, technical experts and coaches, we aim to maintain our position as a leading training and human capital development partner.

TATC profile of short training courses include:

  • In-house courses – organized and tailored together with your company/organization
  • Open face-to-face courses – available at set time. Please refer to TATC Courses Profile.